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A Message To The Broken Hearted

 Often times when we face disappointment from loved ones and significant others we live with the pains associated with the trauma long after the experience. The pain we feel leads to negative thoughts and feelings that makes forgiving our debtors nearly impossible. This also creates the desire for vindication; the wanting to feel as if we've received a recompense for  our suffering. However, the problem is that no amount of vindication or revenge can undo the hurts of the passed. Despite what the beautiful Toni Braxton sings, no person can un-break your heart! 


The Bible mentions the word heart nearly 1,000 times! This is a clear indication that our God has an undeniable interest in our heart. But why? Is it possible that God's interest in the condition of our heart is fueled by His desire to shield us from the pains of this world? Could it be that our hurts and pains are truly felt by Him and that His concern four us leads to His own grief? Yes, both are true. I believe that God loves us so much that our hurts are hurtful to Him. I also believe that any one of us can break someone's heart but none of us can do anything to undo the damage we cause. Only God can mend our broken hearts. When we trust God to mitigate the issues of our heart, we can experience freedom; not only freedom from pain and heartache, but also the freedom to forgive willingly and completely. God wants to heal you today because He loves you!

Give Jesus Your Heart, He'll guard it with His life.

Psalm 147:3


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